The Brief
Mutiny - A 21st Century Recreation of Captain Bligh's epic voyage

Sport Environment provided consultation on the sailing and safety aspects for the recreation of Captain Bligh’s 4000 mile voyage in an open 23 foot boat from Tonga to Timor. Working with series Editor, Sophie Todd and expedition leader, Ben Major, Sport Environment researched the voyage, developed the safety protocols and provided advice and support on all elements of the crew training and preparation ahead of departure from Tonga.
Conrad Humphreys was also recruited as the commercial ocean yachtmaster for the voyage with responsibilities for navigation, safe operation of the boat and the overall welfare of the crew, including setting out emergency plans and checking/maintaining the equipment onboard the Boat. Conrad assumed the role of sailing master and worked closely with Ant Middleton who led the expedition.

“Conrad joined the team as a professional yachtsman and advised Windfall Films on the planning and sailing elements in preparation for the voyage. As the “sailing master” during production, Conrad worked closely with Anthony Middleton who led the team, expedition leader Ben Major and series editor, Sophie Todd.
Conrad’s experience on the water was an asset to an ambitious and challenging production. As an expert sailor, he quickly adapted to the Bounty’s End.’
David Dugan CEO Windfall Films

The Voyage
Safety and Crew Training
Operations and Weather Support

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