Motorola EMEA Ocean Racing Leadership Challenge

The Ocean Racing Leadership Challenge™ was a collaboration between Henley Management College, Future Factory and Conrad Humphreys, winning skipper of the BT Global Challenge. The client was Motorola’s Office of Leadership and the brief was to develop a leadership workshop for the eight General Managers of Motorola EMEA together with their direct reports with the aim to provide a platform for them to learn, share and discuss leadership in the aftermath of the 2000 telecoms crash.

The result was a ground-breaking simulation, based upon the BT Global Challenge round the world race. The business simulation enabled Motorola senior teams to undertake a series of real-life scenarios, make time critical decisions and share in the excitement of racing around the world from the comfort of the hotel!

‘Our senior team remained attentive, competitive, energised and above all took some profound learning back to Motorola. You made a real difference!’

Steve Mostyn, Motorola Office of Leadership